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26 August, Friday

BOY another busy day. Parker & Sons arrived at 8:00 and started work. The fans still going, We are still moving items in the house to ease the drying process. The smell is 100% better,

One of the side benefits of this situation is finding things you forgot you had. In some cases they were ruined by the water that reached them in their hiding place. Also by having to move all the furniture to the center of the room, you could see where the dust accumulates.

Dry Force arrived in the afternoon. Checked all the walls, Was very encouraging. Many walls were dry, and others less than half of what they were a day ago. We were told at the start it would be a 3-5 day process. So all this drying should cut down drastically the amount of sheet rock that has to be replaced.

By 5:00 the new A/C units were installed. This is a mini-split system with once condenser and two air handlers. One in the Office and one in the Laundry room. They work great, producing LOTS of cold air. Should have done it years ago.

Even had spare time to just relax today, even went to the barber.

Starting to plan on the reconstruction, New carpets, new area rugs, and possibly a new furniture piece.

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25 August, Thursday

Noise still loud in house with all the fans and DU's going.

Parker came back with a plan and could install the entire system the next day. GO FOR IT.

These past couple days there have been many service trucks at our house. Those along with the coach parked in front was very interesting.

I went to the HOA, told them what happened and what was happening. They were VERY understanding and said not to worry, they would handle the complaint calls.

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24 August, Wednesday

This was a VERY BUSY day. USAA was there at 8:30, assesed the damage and called a restoration company. They showed up about noon, They wanted to start tearling everything apart and doing things that were not necessary. Relayed this to the adjuster and he agreed. I found another company, DRY FORCE. They showed up at 3:00, told their plan, which made sense and by 4:00 we were working. They had 5 dehumidifiers and over a dozen fans. You could see the water being sucked in and thru the tubes to the drains. The noise inside the house sounded like a jet engine.
Needless to say, we could not stay there. One all the furniture was in the center of the rooms, the noise was loud and the heat stiffiling.
Luckily we had the coach at curb side.

In the meantime, I was turning the A/C unit on in the office. It was a split system with the air handler hanging on the wall. Well it fell from the wall on to the drip board I had placed there. Called Park & Sons for repair. They were out pronto, looked it over and it was beyond repair. Bad installation several years ago. So options were discussed. We always wanted a unit in the laundry. They said they could do that, they just had to obtain the units and engineer the project.

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23 August, Tuesday

Left Long Beach at 5:00 am with not much traffic on the freeways. We were going East which also helped as most were heading into the area for work.
Only stopped for fuel at the Arizona border and arrived in Sun City about 12:30. Immediately disconnected the car, went to storage and unloaded all the summer toys like kayak, bikes and the boxes to support them. Returned to the house, Steve was there and we proceeded to find the leak.
On the way home I made contact with the insurance company, USAA. A claim was filed and the adjuster was standing by for us to get home.

It did not take long, Turned on the waster and was told to shut it off just as fast. The knurl knob on the water line to the toilet in my bath had totally separated. This is the white plastic nut, according to the insurance adjuster breaks quite often. He sees 3-4 cases a month for the same problem.

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22 August, Monday

The saga continues:

Daughter was returning a car she had been using. Told here to check for leak around the fountain. She arrived, opened the garage and the door to the laundry room, immediately called me and said it really smelled and was a serious leak inside the house. She had a friend with her and they began to move things, take out the area rugs and such. I called my GREAT handyman, he came over pronto and helped. Used a wet vac and picked up lots of water. At this point we still did not know where the leak was.

Meanwhile, we started packing the motor home in preparation to driving back to Sun City. Told the RV park of the situation. Because we were leaving a week early they agreed to give us credit next year for the days we were not going to use.. Was un camped and ready to roll by 6:00. Decided we would leave early Tuesday morning to avoid the L A traffic.

Mean while much work was being done at the house by three people.

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21 August, Sunday

Today starts a saga, all of which I wish I didn't have to write about.

About 5:30 I received a phone call from a neighbor back in Arizona. He said water was running down the driveway and coming from the entry way.
I thought the Fountain probably got turned on somehow and was over flowing.

He shut the water off to the house.


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14 August, Sunday

This shows only a portion of the huge crowd that came to watch and see the sand castles.


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14 August, Sunday

This is the most intricate and delicate of all the sand castles.

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14 August, Sunday

This is the most intricate and delicate of all the sand castles.

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14 August, Sunday

This sand carving was done by a 14 year old girl. Shows a girl and her dog.


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14 August, Sunday

The Entry to the area. Shows the container ships that come into the Long Beach Harbor. It is 20 feet long and over 12 feet high.


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14 August, Sunday

Sand Castle at Granada Beach


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13 August, Saturday

IOWA BY THE SEA PICNIC. That is the name of a picnic held in Long Beach since the early 40's. During the 60s and 70s there would be over 100,000 people attend the potluck. The Iowa county names would be nailed to a tree, those from that county would congregate there, and then mix to see the rest of the people. This has given Long Beach the nick name of Little Iowa by the Sea.

This year 145 people attended, no where close to the past attendees, but still a good crowd. It is being revived and each year a few more attend.
Things from Iowa schools and companies are donated and handed to the attendees. A good port dinner is server with CORN ON THE COB.

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10 August, Wednesday

Today was a cultural museum day. While here, Calli looked up the Banning Museum. We did not visit at that time but decided it should be on the bucket list. Phineas Banning migrated here from Philadelphia. There he worked on the docks. When he arrived here there were no docks not even a seaport. He set to work, got money from the government and started what is now the largest cargo port in the world. He branched out making stage coaches to get the people to Los Angeles, put train service to move the cargo and built tenders to move the cargo from ship to shore.

He built the house, which is now a museum in 1864. It was a classic east coast salt box construction with many rooms. The Bannings had 12 children of which only 4 survived. Most died while infants. The house is furnished with mostly Banning pieces. The others are period pieces donated to the museum.

This is one of Los Angeles truly hidden gems.

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3 August, Wednesday

Well it is about time to get the blog sort of up to date. We went to the Orange County Fair today. It is the second largest, only to the L A County Fair, in the nation. All sorts of exhibits, free entertainment and FOOD. Here you can get deep fried anything. They have deep fried kool air, deep fried twinkies with bacon and any other combination you can think of. They also have sandwiches. One of the unique one was two Krispy Kreme donuts with three hamburger patties, three different cheeses, bacon, and then of course lettuce, tomato and pickles. It stood as tall as the Carnegie Deli sandwiches in New York.

Some of the ride were totally spectacular, going in every direction possible. Lines were huge, costs were expensive, but it was a fun day

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