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2-3-4 July, Thur, Fri, Sat

Everyone is getting ready for the BIG BIRTHDAY BASH. Campground is full and all are partying. The streets of Shoreline Village are bustling, the Harbor is full of boats. Everyone is READY.
Thursday we met with the Convention Bureau Representative for a meeting about our upcoming convention in September. They are bending over with all sorts of incentives, a real pleasure to work with.
Friday was bike riding day again. All the way to Belmont Shore on the beach bike path. It was crowded as most of South California were taking Friday off also. All along the path people were settling in, making camps for the big day. Lots of EASY=UPS, coolers and BBQ's. The evening was filled with fireworks from several venues. Sunset here is at 8:07 so by 9:00 it was dark enough to take full advantage.

Saturday, the BIG DAY. We elected to ride our bikes to Shoreline Village about 0900, there we caught the AQUALINK (water taxe) to Alamitas Bay. There we disembarked and rode to downtown Seal Beach. We walked the main street looking for a good resturant that also offered TV and the World Cup.
We settled on O'Malleys, an Irish Pub, as the best location. We secured a table closest to the large TV, told the waitress we wanted the slowest service she could provide. She gave us a weird face, so we told here we were there to eat, drink and watch the World Cup. Then wouldnt you know, it went into overtime. She did not care, nor did the manager. It was a great place to eat and a great game.

After riding the Aqualink back, the sidwalk/bike path was so crowded we had to walk the bikes not ride them. A casual evening was spent until the fireworks started at the Queen Mary at 9:00. It was only a 15 minute show and not the best.

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30 June, Tuesday

We are lucky, we receive complimentry tickets to visit Catalina and the town of Avalon. Since we are planning to bring many guests over for our Convention in September, this was both a business and pleasure trip. We met with representatives of the Island businesses for discounts for our attendees.

This time on our trip over we elected to ride the Commodore Level. This was an additional cost but well worth it. They provide snacks and a free drink, but more importantly it is quieter and less people. The water on the way over was smooth as glass, great for water skiing, (Water ski race occurs later in July). We were scheduled for the 6:00 boat back to Long Beach BUT the World Cup was going to be on TV. We were able to change tickets and take the 7:30 boat and thus watch the entire match at the Avalon Cafe. USA WON ! ! ! !

A rare occurence happened while we were visiting Catalina: IT RAINED> They are despertly short of rain and thus water. All the resturants charge for water and warning to conserve are all over the island. It didn't slow down the people in the streets and those from the cruise ship.

Food and drink are expensive but excellent. All items have to be barged over from the mainland, not a cheap venture.

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30 June, Catalina

The Harbor at Avalon with the boats moored at bouys. In the background you can see the famous Casino. This is not a gambling building, but instead a movie theater on the first floor and a dance hall on the second floor.


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30 June, Catalina

The Avalon Harbor, filling with boats for the 4th of July. In the distance you can see the Carnival Inspiration moored out. Carnival comes to Catalina twice a week, busy days. Mooring bouys sell for well over $250,000.00.


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30 June, Catalina

In Avalon on the flat parts of town. Houses are SMALL and built VERY close together. They average 900 square feet and only inches between them. You can see where they stopped painting, an arms reach.


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30 June, Catalina

Avalon is on the bay with very little flat land. The houses are built on the surrounding hills, very close together.


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30 June, Catalina

Jade plants are prevelant in Avalon. This is one of the smaller ones used as a front hedge. Some are over 6 feet high.


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28 June, Sunday

Another great day in Long Beach. At 0600 the bike path is already busy as it passes out camground. We hit the trail about 0930 and headed South toward Belmont Pier. Saturday and Sunday are Pirate Days. Lots of pirates from all over the USA show up, set up primative camps and dress up in the mode of the day. Several booths sell both food and pirate clothes. There are several sailing pirate ships firing thier cannons. Several hundred people show up via bike and auto. Each year this celebration has grown in size.

Rest of the day was spend just relaxing.

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27 June, Saturday

As I mentioned earlier, only by chance did I learn of this Memorial for the Airmen and Marines that perished on June 25, 1965. I was watching the local news in Long Beach. We attended the formal memorial and dedication of the Kiosk, designed by Jordan Fourcher. This was an Eagle Scout project for him. It was 2 years of hard work, contacting all the survivors, obtaining all the records and photos. He did an outstanding presentation.
He was recognized by two Congressional members, who have vowed to have these men placed on the Viet Nam Wall Memorial

There were over 100 people in attendance at the ceremony. It was held at the original Marine Air Base Hangar and the Kiosk will be on permanent display inside the hangar. The El Toro MCAS is now an Orange County Hertiage Park. It started as a Lima bean farm, then in 1942 the Government purchased the property and made a Marine Air Training Base. It remained EL TORO MCAS until 1999. I flew many flights thru El Toro in support of the Viet Nam War.

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John Zielke

John and I met at Castle AFB for C-135 school. We were both assigned to the 18MAS, McGuire AFB, NJ, He and I were best friends, he being a bachelor, was always at our house. He was due for Aircraft Commander check out after this trip.


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The Memorial Flag

This flag commerates the accident that occured 50 years ago on June 25, 1965.


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The designer and Eagle Scout: Jordan Fourcher

Jordan undertook this project nearly two years ago. He researched the accident, contacted all the families of those killed, designed the active entry kiosk, and organized the dedication. Jordan is seen here with his parents.


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The Kiosk of the C 135A crash

This was unveiled kiosk. It is engraved with those who died. It has an active screen to display many other facets of the men and their mission.


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This is a 42 foot surf board built by the Surfers Museum at Huntington Beach. In order to set a new record they had to have more than 60 people on the board for 10 seconds. They did better, 67 people, 14 seconds.


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Bottom of the 42 foot surfboard


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