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29 August, Saturday

Well today we decided to go to a movie at the United Artist's theater. The movie, NO ESCAPE, was very good and full of action. However what
was new to me was the security. When they took our tickets all carry bags were inspected. Then before the movie started and twice during the film a head usher with red flashlight walked the aisles and checked the emergency door near the front.

What a sad state to have to do that.

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28 August, Friday

Well it is one HOT day. It is interesting to hear all the warnings, the cancellations and such because of the extreme heat. Actually it was only 93 at the coach, of course much higher inland at San Bernadino and those areas. This is what it cools down to at night in Phoenix. They would not know how to handle Phoenix weather.

Anyway, we did our kayaking at a new area today. We had scouted the Balboa Island and Newport Penisula area several times We could not find a launching place that also offered parking for an extended. Just by luck we found this public beach, about 40 wide, with lots of parking (with meters) close. In addition to this, the beach is next to the Newport Beach American Legion Post. This turned out to be a real plus as I belong and we could have lunch and a brew.

The area is an inland harbor protected from the waves of the ocean. The homes in the area begin at several million and only go up. The boats, actually yachts are equally impressive. I would imagine there are nearly 1000 boats of nearly every size either moored at docks or at pier blocks in the harbor. The one thing we noticed were the seals, they were on several of the boats. I did not realize they could jump 4-6 feet to get on the decks. The transoms of the cruisers were loaded with 2 or 3 seals, lots of weight.

I picked up a local newspaper with a housing section. A million dollar house is small and almost a tear down. Homes for over 10 Mil are common.
One finance specialized in JUMBO loans, interest only, where a $5 million mortgage would only require a $15,000 a month payment. AND you are not paying down the balance.

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The sycamore trees in the park are shedding their leaves early because of the cut back in watering. They are raked up daily.


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Our patio is filled with leaves. We would rake them up two or three times a day. The culprit tree is at the back edge of patio.


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Sycamore Leaf

This shows the size of the leaves from the trees. This measured over 13 inches wide.


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Orange County Fair

This was the most unique offering, a twinkie topped with caviar and then deep fat fried. When asked, the clerk stated they had sold 30 so far at $125. The money did go to a charity.


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Orange County Fair

Pickles are good and so is peanut butter. Together and then deep fried is a big seller.


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Orange County Fair

As mentioned in an earlier blog we visited the OCF and were amazed at the deep fried foods.


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15 August, Saturday

HOT HOT the weather here is HOT. It is really strange to see how the SoCal (southern California) news and people react to what they call hot.
I had the car washed yesterday and they handed me a sheet of paper. It stated that because of the hot weather and the cold water coming from the wash could crack my windows and they were not liable. NOTE the temperature was 91. The public service ads on the radio are constantly telling people to stay inside, make sure the A/C works and many other things. WHAT WOULD THEY DO IN PHOENIX?? where the low at night is 91??

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12 August, Wednesday

OCF. Orange County Fair, second largest county fair in California but perhaps the best. The location is just north of the John Wayne Airport in Costa Mesa. The fair lasts for one month, with Mondays and Tuesdays off. They offer some great entry deals, like seniors only $7 and any military FREE.
Parking is ample and not expensive.

Being from Iowa I am used to the State Fair and its atmosphere. The OCF duplicates this except for the machinery and huge amounts of animals.
FOOD is the fair draw and staple. Large areas of prepared food, deep fat fried on a stick. Some of the items consist of Avacados on a stick,
pickles filled with peanut butter on a stick, Klondike bars on a stick. But perhaps the most unique was caviar on a twinky, wrapped in dough and deep fat fried. This cost of this item is $125.00, with the money going to Children's Hospital. The clerk said they had sold 30 so far.

Nothing new on the rides or the scam games to win animals. The Fair opened at noon and went to midnight. We missed the big show on Thursday which was a Demolition Derby. But instead of cars they used motorhomes. I pulled up the UTUBE of the event for 22014. Very interesting.
The older coaches are made of wood, so after several hits they tend to fall apart.

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8 August, Saturday

Eventful Saturday. About 3 weeks ago I saw and article in the Long Beach Telegram about an IOWA picnic. This has been a tradition in Long Beach for 115 years. Long Beach has the nickname of IOWA BY THE SEA because so many Iowans have either moved here or vacation here. I remember my aunts talking in the 50's and 60's about the event. In those days it was in a park in Long Beach. They would put a sign up for the County in Iowa you were from. The meal was a potluck picnic. At one event they had over 100,000 attend.

Time passed and the want of a picnic waned. They are trying to renew the spirit of the event. Now it is held next to the Battleship Iowa in San Pedro. This is a perfect location with views of the harbor, the Port and the Battleship. Instead of a potluck they offered BBQ Port and Chicken, along with an Iowa staple, Sweet Corn. This year 115 people attended, mostly permanent residents. A program of the Darden Sisters singing period songs was well received.

It was a good event and will plan to attend next year if we are in Long Beach.

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6 August, Thursday

Last day of vacation, flights leaves at noon. Easy get up and drive to LAX. Dropped Calli off and then went to a new outdoor market called the ROADIUM. The location was an old drive-in theater with the screen still standing. All the booths were arranged around the arcs where the cars used to park. There was a little of everything there, new, old, slightly used and much used. They did barter and offer some good prices. Bought a watermelon half which was outstanding and a papaya which we have not tried as yet.

Clouds are in the area, temperatures are dropping and humidity rising. Perhaps rain over the week end.

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5 August, Wednesday

Breakfast cooked at the table, orange bread french toast, eggs and bacon. All tasted good. Then off to Seal Beach to walk the strip and let the ladies shop. Several nick knacks were put in our bag before we left. Then to Belmont Shore and 2nd street for more of the same. We had planned to eat at one restaurants but several others caught our eye and appetite. There are over 50 places to dine in a 8 block area, each one better than the last.

Home early for a relaxing evening.

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4 August, Tuesday

Second day of Calli and day of surprise. After a very leisurely get up we had to be at Shoreline Village at 0945 for the surprise. A SEGWAY tour was on the agender. Thanks to GROUPON a good discount was acquired and we set up the tour. A short video explaining how the Segway works and then some on hands practice. There were only three of us so the training went smoothly and fast. Soon we were outside the building and ON THE ROAD AGAIN. The guide,DJ, was very good and off we went. Along the way he would give us history of the Long Beach area. About half way thru the tour we were at a large empty parking lot. DJ said, "go have some fun", so we did. Another 45 minutes of touring and riding and all to soon the ride came to an end. BUT now we are trained and it will be easier to take other Segway tour.

Quick lunch back at the coach and off to Seal Beach for some sun and sea. Seal Beach has better waves because there is no break-water reef to calm them. After a couple hours of sun and sea it was time to rinse off at our pool and get some more sun. Then social hour before dinner.

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3 August, Monday

Up early, really early as we have to drive to LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) to pick up daughter arriving on Southwest. It is only about 18 miles but with the LA traffic it can take minutes or hours. We were lucky, no accidents and traffic moved swiftly. She arrived on time, texted us of her arrival and was waiting on the departure level when we drove up. We had arrived early and parked in the Carl's Jr parking lot until we knew the airplane was on the ground.

Then off to breakfast at VANN'S. It is a short distance from the airport and has been there for years. Excellent breakfast, good service and a chance to catch up with daughter.

Then off to Simi Valley and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. We have been to most Presidential libraries and this is by far the best. The location is one of pure beauty, atop a hill looking to the West. Tickets and self guiding i-pods bought, we were off on the tour. It follows Reagan from birth to death in a detail manner. His life was one of great accomplishments. He believed in discussion and persuasion. The climax of the tour was the Presidential Aircraft, 27000. It is on display pylons in the main room. You are able to walk thru the plane and observe how he and his wife Nancy traveled. The tribute to him in death was most touching. His disease affects hundreds of people today and there is still no cure.

At the end of the Presidential tour was another venue featuring items from the history of football. It filled a very large room with more than 500 items, such as Super Bowl Rings, Trophies, Jerseys and the like. Probably most interesting was the display of the football helmets and how they have progressed thru the years.

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