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21 May, Sunday

It has been some time since my last entry. This will start those for summer.

We left Sun City at 0700 for the drive to Long Beach and the campground. We had moved the check in date up from Monday to Sunday thinking the traffic would be less, WRONG. It was a beautiful day, clear skies, no wind with a temperature forcaste to top 100 in Phoenix. We were on the I-10 by 0730 and already it was heavy traffic. It only got worse along with the temperature. By the time we were in Palm Springs it was over 100. It seemed everyone was coming back home to greater LA on the roads. The 10 was stop and go, then on to the 60 which was a little better. BUT then the
215 and 91. The 91 looked like a huge parking lot. Everyone stopped, then they all move and then they all stop. Not many people using the carpool lane or the toll lanes. I will have to check into the costs of the toll lanes. Finally made it to the 710, headed South to Long Beach. Traffic heavy but not bad. The turn off to the campground was not closed as reported earlier so an easy entry was made.

The manager of the campground was on duty, welcomed us and said to check in and not worry about paper work until later. We will be here the entire summer and she knows us from before. Our same slot was open and held for us. Took a few minutes to place the coach exactly like we wanted it and then to get out of the heat. It was over 90, very unusual. The campground was FULL. Seems it was PRIDE week and you could see the rainbow flags on all the coaches. They will all be leaving tomorrow.

Monday will consist of finishing the set up and looking over the area to familiarize ourselves again.

More to follow



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1 April, Saturday

Boy what a long day. We got up in Ahens at 02:00 for a 03:00 bus ride to the Marco Polo airport. The time 02:00 in Athens is actually, 4:00pm in Phoenix on the 31st. Any way we got on the bus for a 40 minute ride. Check in was extremely easy compared to some airports. I had printed our boarding passes on the ship which made a GREAT TIME SAVER. The Athens airport is not the largest but there was still a good walk to the gate.
We had Delta Sky boarding priority which really made a difference. We were the first people on the airplane, They wanted us to check our carry ons all the way to Phoenix, NO WAY. Had plenty of room on board.

Flight to Paris was uneventful. They served a nice breakfast and decent coffee. Our arrival at Paris was at the main airport, which is HUGE. We were told it was a 15 minute walk from arrival gate to Delta's departure gate. Well it was a 15 minute walk and also a 30 minute bus ride. We made the departure area in good shape, but no time for shopping or looking (YEH) Again we took advantage of the Sky priority and got on the plane early.
We had Comfort Plus seats which are a good deal. Extra leg room and other amendities.

The Delta aircraft was a Boeing 777 with some 368 passengers. It was a full flight as many students were returning from spring break in Europe.
The flight was all daylight, so the shades were pulled. Plenty of good movies and other programs. Good food and lots of napping.

Our arrival at Minneapolis was later than schdduled. We had to go thru Customs, actually Global Clearance which took less time except we were chosen at fadom for the bag check. We were sukpposed to have 1+30 hours for the connection but only had 45 minutes. We got thru the check and proceeded to the gate, last one on the concourse. BUY we made the flight and again boarded early with the SKY ticket. Flight to Phoenix was uneventful with snacks served.

Our total time from wake up in Athens to home in Sun City was just under 24 hours. Needless to say our unpacking will take place tomorrow or later. Got the house up and running, water on, coffee maker working and comuters fired up. Tonight a little night cap and early to bed.

Wonderful trip, would hight recommend it.

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31 March, Friday

`Day in Athens. Arrived very early account forcaste of hight winds. The Star is very sensitive to winds because of the shallow draft.
Our included tour took us to the Acropolis and the Parthenon, with sights along the way. It was cool and windy up there, nearly blowing us over as we tried to take pictures.

The one thing I have learned about our tour is: If it is newer than 1800 it is not considered old. They have 3 olive trees, one in Crete and two in Greece that are documented to be planted in 700 BC. How do they know that?????

Traffic was bad, as it usually it. This is also spring break so there are lots of students from both Europe and the United States. Our guide said it was like high season at the Acropolis, only cooler. In the summer it can be shoulder to shoulder and 40C or about 110F. Not a pleasant site to see.

Today is the final day, we need to pack, get our suitcases out by 10:00pm and then we have a wake up call at 02:00 for a 03:00 pickup for the airport. Our flight leaves at 6 in the morning. Hopefully I can write about that once we get home. If not it will be done at a later date when I am on local time again.

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Athens (1)

Labor demonstration on a main avenue as we are on our tour bus going to the Acropolis. They blocked the street for about 15 minutes then moved off and then did it again. Protesting working conditions and rules.



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Athens (2)

Remains of the Temple of ZEUS. Currently there are 16 columns standing, the original had 100.


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Athens (3)

Panathenic Stadium, largest marble stadium in the world. Built in 6 BC. Holds over 50,000 people.


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Athens (4)

Panathenic Stadium as seen from the other end, on a post card.


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Athens (5)

More views of the Parthenon


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Athens (6)

West end of the Parthenon, under reconstruction.


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Athens (7)

Other end of the Parthenon.


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Athens (8)

Roman music hall built in the 12th century. The main wall is original, the seats have been replaced with marble. It will hold 15,000 people and is in use today for concerts.


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Athens (9)

Greater Athens as seen from the Acropolis


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Athens (10)

The harbor of Piraeus as seen from the Acropolis.


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Athens (11)

Temple of ATHENA on the Acropolis.


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Athens (12)

One of the many shopping streets in PLAKA, the original area of Athens.


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