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15 April, Friday

Preparing to fly to Albuquerque for a meeting with the Andulaz Hotel. Need to finalize the menus and room arrangements. Will leave Phoenix at 0900 and be in Albuquerque at 1105, BUT coming home we leave at 500pm and land at 505pm. Nice that Arizona does not go on Daylight time.

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31 March, Thursday

First entry from the new SURFACE PRO 4. Will be many more.

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8 March, Tuesday

0816 and time to go on line to secure boarding passes for trips to Houston and Miami.

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22 February Monday

trial entry before the CUBA trip

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22 February Monday

trial entry before the CUBA trip

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17 October, Saturday

Into the Long Beach harbor about 6:00 am and docked by 7:00. Deboarding was to start at 9:00 but was delayed. Finally made it off at 11:00. Lucky for us we had no plane to catch, just a cab to the RV Park. Was able to get my leatherman back from the ship's store for a $5 fee.
Got to the RV and all was well, unpacked and crashed for the evening.

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16 October, Friday

Had some oatmeal for breakfast and it seemed to stay down. Went to the nurse at 11;30 and she released me from quarantine. Walked around the ship some, but felt very weak. Back to the room for an afternoon nap.
Went the dining room for dinner and was able pick food that was bland. This was the final meal with the group we had been eating with.
The evening show was not until 10:15, so decided to skip that, way too late.
Packed as we had to have the bags out by 11:00 for pickup. Had to keep items for grooming in the morning.
Luckily the ocean was smooth so it did not agrivate my stomach any more.

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15 October, Thursday

Not a good day!!! Woke about midnight with bowels problems and it continued about every hour or so. Spent the morning in bed and finally went to the nurse about noon. Got some medicine and was placed on quarantine for 24 hours. Some poor excuse for soup from room service along with cold toast and stale crackers.

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14 October, Wednesday

Arrived in Puerto Vallarta after an all night cruise and a time change of 1 hour. Ship docked at 0900 at a pier so exit was much easier. We rode a shuttle down to the shopping area to look around. It had been over 30 years since we were there last. Again it was HOT, 96, bright sun and high humidity. Almost unbearable. Nothing new to purchase, same old Mexican treasurers.
Headed back about noon as we had a 3:15 excursion for 5 hours. This was the Rhythms of the Night. We rode a catamaran for an hour to the south side of the bay. This area was a beach resort by day and theater by night. Nice beach, decent food and an outstanding performance. The actors were dressed as animals and performed as such. The show lasted nearly an hour of extremely intense theatrics. The dance moves were astounding as was the music and singing.
As stated before, the temperature was almost unbearable. By the end of the show both the shirt and pants were were as though I had been swimming. The ride back on the boat help some.

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13 October, Tuesday

We had signed up for an excursion at 0800 but had a notice it was being combined with a later one because of non participation. This gave us more time to eat breakfast. Again it was HOT outside.
Caught the tender, met up with the group and started the tour. First was a catamaran ride to the famous rocks of Cabo. The speed of the boat helped to cool us off. This area is unique with the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Gulf of California on the other. The Pacific side is not swimable as the tides and surf are too great. There is lots of scuba and snorkeling on the Gulf side with many fish to see.
Next on a bus to a glass factory. Here instead of using sand to make glass the recycle to empty bottle from the bars around town. Saves from putting them in the garbage dump. After a demonstration we had time to purchase the items. Art was good but the prices were high, more so than Rocky Point.
Next we headed to Los Cabos, a much more relaxed town. Very few tourists and many small shops. Prices were better and the beer was cold for only $2.

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12 October, Monday

Woke up early but planned ahead and had ordered coffee to be delivered.. After a full 48 hours at sea, the stomach was not doing the best. Went down for breakfast and had some oatmeal. That seemed to work best. How can you screw up oatmeal??
In Cabo we had to tender into port as there is no space to tied up a cruise ship. There were several tenders running continusously. Had the provided shopping map which was useless. Picked up a local map and navigated our way around. Stopped by a couple stores promoted by the ship, all very expensive, but they were selling. Guess the cruisers look forward to spendng money.
Stopped by CABO WABO for a cold beer and some chips and salsa, best deal in town.
Did I mention it was HOT, really HOT. 92 and humidity of about the same. Not ideal for walking
Back to the ship for dinner and then the show, not any better than the night before.

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11 October, Sunday

Leisurely wake up and down for breakfast, actually up. We were on deck 7 food was on deck 9. Several stations providing a variety of entrees, none of which were outstanding. After eating we started to explore the ship. First to the FUN SHOPS or the ships store with all sorts of goodies to buy, none of which were cheap or even reasonable. Headed to the main stage area for the briefing on the Ports of Call we were to make. It was a total bust, no information on the Port, only the shopping stores sponsored by Carnival. The briefings were running late, (we found this to be the normal for all events) so we only stopped by for a sandwich and then continued to explore the ship.
The evening meal was termed ELEGANT which meant you were supposed to dress up, wear a coat or Tux and have you picture taken. I did not even bring a coat, just a fancy shirt and dress pants. There were people there in shorts. After a mediocre dinner we attended the theater for the entertainment. It was music from the 80's, most of which I had not ever heard of. The entertainers were very active and good dancers but the music was about 20 decibels to loud.

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10 October, Saturday

Today is SAIL day on Carnival Miracle out of Long Beach terminal. All packed, called the taxi for an 11:00 pickup and we were off. Took about 15 minutes to reach the terminal, loaded with people also going on the cruise. This cruise was headed to Cabo San Lucas for 2 days, then Puerto Valatta for a day. We have 3 days at sea, making the trip 7 days.
The cruise terminal at Long Beach is the old hangar for the Spruce Goose. It is a large geodeditic dome, in dire need of paint or washing.
We lined up to check in along with some 2000 others. It was hot outside, unusual for Long Beach. The area was shaded but still not pleasant.
After securing our room key and assignment, checked out baggage we then had to wait to enter the building for security. This is where it got rediculas.
They said I had a Leatherman tool, which I had forgot was in the bag. Everything had to be emptied. They didn't care about the folding knife I had with a 3 inch blade, but was intent on the Leatherman: with a 2 inch blade. It is not like I was going to hijack the ship. Once found I had to take it to the ships store, BUT no one knew where it was. Finally after asking 3 people the 4th said he thought he knew. SO I made him take me in case he did not know. Once place in bond I was able to continue boarding.
Our room was on the starboard side (right) side of the ship on the 7th deck. Not a bad location, with a balcony, After everyone stood muster for the emergency briefing we were able to set sail. Off for a day at sea.

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8 October, Thursday

Today we decided to visit the GETTY. This is a very large museum in West LA. It was totally funded by the Getty Foundation and free to the public. You only pay for parking ($15,00). It is filled with artifacts owned by the Foundation, not like the Heritage in St Petersburg that is all stolen.
You are provided with a recording device that tell you all about each work of art. The grounds are huge and very interesting. Several gardens with all types of vegetation and mazes.

The same parking pass allows you to visit the Getty Villa in Malibu. This was the original home of Getty. He kept enlarging the Villa to exhibit his art. It finally became too large so the Getty Museum was built. Again this is all free with many docents to explain along with recorded devices.

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7 October, Wednesday

We still had tickets left from our group outing to Catalina, SO we decided to use a couple. Josh, from the SCICO provided us with tickets to the SKYLINE TOUR. This takes you thru the upper and outer reaches of the island. You end up at the airport where you have time for a drink and one of the fantastic cookies they offer. Weather was great, not too hot, as the bus is a 1951 FLEXIBLE without air conditioning. On the way up we saw Bison in the distance, BUT on the way back they were right next to the road. Matter of fact one was lying on the shoulder. Great pictures were availed to us. There are many camps in the outback of Catalina. They host hundreds of students from schools all over California and Arizona. It is a full weeks class of conservation.

Back in town we had some great fish on the wharf and then decided to head home on an earlier Express. Got back in time to retrieve our mail from the front office.

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