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18 July, Saturday

All the racing crews in front of the MAYA Hotel. Awaiting final instructions and the signal to START YOUR ENGINES. This race has occurred every year for the past 62 years.


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18 July, Saturday

These are the two bouys located at the stern of the Queen Mary for the finish line. This was taken before all the people arrived to watch the race.


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18 July, Saturday

The sport class (under 24ft) boats begin the race to Catalina and return, nonstop. The ski is a single, 8 inches wide, 6 feet long and 2 inches thick. The rope is 300 feet or more in length. The race will take 47 minutes or so.


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18 July, Saturday

The large (over 24ft) or unlimited class boats, some with double skiers waiting for the signal to begin the race.


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18 July, Saturday

One of the sport class (under 24ft) boats crossing the finish line with skier behind. Probably doing in the 90mph range for speed.


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18 July, Saturday

As we were waiting for the sailboats to reach Point Fermin, this classic yacht passed before us. Would be interesting to know the history and tour it.


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This is the crew of the 0EX5 waiting their turn to leave the harbor. All the boats used this area for staging. It was spectacular to see.


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18 July, Saturday

One of the three catamarans in the race. They are leaving Rainbow Harbor at Shoreline Village, the staging area.


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18 July, Saturday

The Fire Boat from Los Angeles County provides a spectacular water display.


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18 July, Saturday

This is the view from the park at Point Fermin. All the boats are milling around waiting for the first air-shot for the race to begin.


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18 July, Saturday

All the boats are lined up for the start. They got into position after the first air-shot.


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18 July, Saturday

THE RACE IS ON! All the sail boats are lined up and off they go to Honolulu. Notice they all have gray sails.


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26 July, Sunday

Sunday and time for breakfast at Nick's in Belmont. We originally found Nicks at a Stroll&Savor last year. They only serve breakfast on week ends and the line is extremely long. We first discovered chicken and waffles there, then the pot-roast benedict. these along with the carmelized oatmeal with fruit are out favorites. The manager last year told us to order a meal and then split it. No extra charge for this and it is plenty of food.

Long Beach is one of the host cities of the Special Olympics. Many of the water sports are being conducted on the shores along Ocean Ave.
Tents, easy ups and LOTS of fans were there to cheer on the participants. Many of the roads and bike paths were closed to the general public.
There are 165 countries this year with several thousand athletes. This will last for the rest of the week and into next week end.

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25 July, Saturday

Today we tried the free bus service to various parts of Long Beach, including the Queen Mary. One of the stopping points was across the street from the Hilton Hotel, headquarters for our convention. The bus is called the PASSPORT. They run every 10 minutes during the day. It makes several stops, only minutes apart. It is a good way to get from the hotel to Shoreline Village or the Aquarium. However to get to the Queen Mary it takes nearly an hour. However the ride from the Queen back to the Hilton was only 5 minutes. You do get to see a lot of Long Beach, both the good parts and the bad. Long Beach is a city in the midst of renewal. Many of the abandoned building downtown are being bought and turned into resturants and shops. When finished it will be totally rehabilitated and a thriving city.

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21 July, Tuesday

Yesterday, Monday, was most interesting. It all started with an early get up to be at LAX international airport for a 0755 departure on Southwest to Phoenix. The terminal was as crowded as I have ever seen it. The line at Starbucks was over 200 people waiting, it took nearly an hour to get a cup.
Got on the flight with no problem, into Phoenix where daughter was waiting to pick me up. Up to the house in 100 degree heat, not used to that anymore. First thing was to start the car, YEH it started with no problem after sitting for 6 weeks. Then to open the mailbox and take out the bushel of mail. Calli was there to help me sort and then she took off for the day. I had to be in Phoenix to sign papers on selling a unit. Got the padlock off the unit and all the papers in order for the Title company. In the mean time several neighbors were home, saw the car and wondered what what happening.
Then to top it off, all the smoke alarms were beeping. A trip to ACE for batteries was in order.

Everything went well at the Title company, new buyer was there and all is settled.

Spent the rest of the afternoon getting caught up with things around the house. I debated moving up to an earlier flight but didn't want to disrupt Calli's day. She picked me up at 6 for a 830 flight. Well the 830 flight then delayed to a 915 then a 1030 and finally cancelled. Los Angeles was covered with fog and way below minimums. Would remain so for the night. (I had plenty of experience with this weather pattern while flying out of LAX) Now to get rebooked and find a hotel. Found the Country Inn Suites south of the airport. Since I live in Phoenix, have never had the need or opportunity to use an airport hotel. The flight for Tuesday was booked, the hotel was good and a full breakfast was included. Since this was a day trip, no shaving kit, OOPS. The hotel furnished the necessary items.

A ride to the airport and a successful flight got me back to LAX and Long Beach.

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