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31 July, Thursday

Out of Stockton and headed to cooler venues. Left the RV Park at 0800 and it was already 85. As we headed North thru Sacramento the temperature dropped to 69 for several miles, weird. But as we went further it rapidly rose to the 90's and soon the 100's. When we neared Shasta Lake it was interesting to see how low it really is. It is over 150 feet below normal. Some of the channels are only shallow creeks. Houseboats are greatly restricted as to where they can go. It has bee two winters with no snow on the mountain so no run off.

We stopped at the town of Mt Shasta and their KOA. It seems the hippies have taken over the town. Very few businesses are open on the main street and many of the buildings are occupied by religious cults. They vary from local to the far east variety.

Luckily we are only spending one night here.

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30 July, Wednesday

Another hot day in Stockton, no clouds so the air heats up soon in the morning. Made plans to have the coach washed, extremely dirty after sitting in Long Beach for so long. Two men showed up on time and went to work. The water coming off the roof was nearly black to start with. They did a fantastic job so hired them to also wash the car. Start clean again.

The river behind us is only 30-40 feet wide, always lots of skiers and boaters. However this morning here comes a big rumble and it is a container ship, ocean going. Seemed weird to see it on the river. Later in the day a grain ship passed by heading out to San Francisco Bay and the ocean.
Lots of sail boats in the afternoon. They certainly have to know how to tack, the river is so narrow.

Spent several hours gettng reservations for up ahead. Seems most of the campgrounds on the coast are full. Salmon season is in full swing and it is much cooler there. Finally secured a couple so we are set until Sisters.

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29 July, Tuesday

Here we are in Stockton, CA. RV park is right on the river and very active in the afternoon with skiers, shells and fishermen (large mouth bass). However the weather is not very nice. Right at 98 every day with lots of humidity. Had originally planned to spend a week or more here but cut that shor to 3 days. Drove thru the downtown area and it almost looks like Detroit. Most of the buildings are boarded up and states of disrepair. Was looking for the AAA office for local maps, only to discover it has been moved to the shopping center on the North edge of town. So once we found it, we discovered where all the shopping is now done. Similar to many cities, the downtown dies and the suburbs spring up.

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28 July, Monday

A sad day, have to leave Long Beach for adventures to the North. Wanted to leave after the main thrust of morning traffic lessened. So out of the park at 0900 and on to the 710. From there on to the 405 and North. The freeway was intermittent clogged and open, weird traffic patterns. Made it past the LAX airport and lost some of the traffic, then more at the 10 heading East. Smooth sailing now to meet up withs the 5. Here be discovered more traffic and especially trucks. Going over the grapevine was very busy, as it always is. Here they separate the trucks from the autos. We stayed in the auto portion and made decent time.

As we went further North, the traffic did not lessen. It was as heavy as I have ever seen it. Santa Nella was a fuel destination and a food destination.
The Anderson House is famour for its Split Pea Soup, outstanding. The fuel was much cheaper than the LA basin. On to Stockton, our destination.
We were told they switched sites on us, and the weather was going to be HOT. So we have opted not to stay the long period we had planned on.
We have not chosen another destination at this time, but will shortly. Stockton is actually a seaport with large cargo ships coming up the dredged river to load and unload. River is also famous for house boat rentals. From looking at the maps of waterways, it would be easy to get lost.

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27 July, Sunday

Last full day in Long Beach, hate to leave. Went to Belmont Shore and Nick's for their famous breakfast of chicken and waffles. Sounds like a weird combination but is actually quite good. More and more resturants are serving the meal. Then off to the Farmer's Market for some fresh veggies, to Ralphs for other staples and back home. On the way home we tried to stop at the National Volley Ball Tourney. No parking, noise was over bearing. so decided to pass and just watch on TV.

Got the coach ready to travel, all we have to do on Monday is disconnect the water and electric. Hope to be on the road about 9. This will be after the main rush hour is over.

Interesting weather today. Clear and warm ,80, here in Long Beach. But it looked dark and ominous to the North. At Venice Beach a lightning bolt struck the water, weird, and hurt several people, killing one. Lightning also struck a man on the golf course on Catalina hurting him.

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26 July, Saturday

Seems barren around the campsite, all the toys and carpets are gone. Visited Belmont Shore to have a shoe repaired and try the Japanese Resturant.
We were told earlier they had Katsudon, only with chicken instead of pork. Wrong. but the did have a good box of chickenkatsu. There was a sidewalk sale taking place, but 90% was for women.

Started to prepare the coach for departure. Took off all the screens on the windows and tires. They were dirty with the dust that had blown on them. Washed them and they dried quickly in the sun, packed them away in the basement.

Had planned to visit the National Volleyball tournament. Drove by it on the way home from Belmont and it was a mad house. Not a spare blade of grass to park on the the inside of the fencing was packed. Went home and watched it on NBC instead.

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25 July, Friday

0600 up and on the road abut 0700, temperature is 92. But we are empty and the car drives much easier. Made good time with little traffic.
Stopped in Blythe for breakfast and on the road again. As we passed thru Palm Springs we got a couple sprinkles on the windshield. Then more and more and finally a heavy downpour. The temp went from 97 to81 in a minute or two. We were still able to drive with no problem By the western edge of Palm Springs the rain had stopped and the temp was back up to 100. We did hear that the rains contnued and there were flood warning for most roads. Looks like we made it thru in the nick of time.

Stopped by Costco on our way to the RV Park and then home . Felt good to go outside and not prespire heavily.

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24 July, Thursday

Knowing the temperatures were going to be outrageous, we planned for an early morning departure from Long Beach. Up at 5 and on the road, BUT we over slept and finally got on the road at 0600. Temperatures were nice, only 68 as we left. Early morning, so not much traffic which is really nice.
We stopped at Palm Springs, 0820 for breakfast and it was 102. As we drove on the temperature kept rising, going well over 110 and up to 114 in many places. We arrived in Phoenix about 1:30 and it was reading 113. Now to off load the car and attend to some required business. Luckily we had someone turn the thermostat down to 75 a couple days before. The house was tolerable.

Ordered take out, as there was no food in the house. On the drive to PizzaHut the thermometer read 116, which was the offical high in Phoenix that day.
HOT Could not touch the outside of the car without burning yourself.

One side note. Several years ago the official temperature in Phoenix reached 122. At 120 the airport has to close for commerical aircraft. They have no data to compute thier take-off information. SO they moved the thermometer so it would not happed again. It looks as though they may have to consider moving it again.

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23 July, Wednesday

Packing day. What a conglomeration of items we are taking home. We will not need the kayak and all it equipment or the bikes. ALso the carpets we use on the campsite must go home. After loading the inside of the car (hardly a dirty sock would fit) , we took a break over the lunch period.

The Shoreline resturants offer a free lunch cruise of the harbor if you purchase a box lunch from them. SO that was on the agenda. Food was good, cruise was minimal, only 30 minutes. But it was. of course, on the water, so it was cooler and interesting.

Back tot he RV site and finish packing the car with the outside items. The kayak and rolled rugs were placed on top and the bikes on the back.
We looked like the modern day Clampetts. All ready for the trip home.

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22 July, Tuesday

Day off to rest and gather the thoughts of our upcoming trip to Phoenix. A list of items to be packed and another list to be brought back was made.
Evening hours was spent with the agent from Express, discussing our plans for the trip to Avalon for the convention. It was determined we needed longer time in Avalon so a change of schedule was made.

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21 July, Monday

This is the day for the BIG boat ride. We left San Pedro Terminal for the Catalina Express at 1230 heading to Catalina and the village of Two Harbors.
This is sreally nothing more than a base camp for camping and lots of moorage bouys. There is one cafe in which to dine and little else. About 75 departed the boat there with their camping gear and coolers. Since there is no vehicles, they walked up the hills to the designated camp sites. Some are wook platforms you can put your tent on, others actually have a roof overhead, again the place to place your tent. Another 50 or so boarded the Express for their ride back to San Pedro, via Avalon. They looked tired, hungary and ready for a good hot shower.

The ride from Two Harbors to Avalon was interesting. Several camp sites and moorage bouys. All the camp sites have to be reached by hiking or boating to the beach.

Avalon was busy as usual. Being Monday, it was cruise day for Carnival. They have two trips a week that stop at Avalon. Since it is only 26 miles from Long Beach they usually just sit in the open ocean while the passengers wine, dine and gamble. The trips are extremely reasonable, only $159 for the 3 day trip.

Our stay at Avalon was very fruitful. We met with the representative that will provide things to do for our convention arrival next year.

Our ride back to San Pedro was uneventful, however it was a bit rougher as a front was coming thru.

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Breakwater Lighthouse, San Pedro

This is the entry/exit point to San Pedro harbor. Open ocean to the west of here.


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Express Dock, Two Harbors

We are docked at Two Harbors off loading and loading MANY campers. This Northern part of the island is remote with few roads and few amenities.


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Camping area on Catalina

One of several camping areas along the Eastern shore of Catalina Island. Used heavily, reservations are required.


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Catalina Beach

Beach right at the edge of the main street in Avalon. Beautiful day, warm water.


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