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26 August, Tuesday

Spent the day cancelling reservations on our trip north. We were lucky to get a full refund from the Ross Lake tour as we were inside the time frame for refunds. We are able to stay here in Issaquah one more day, but after they they are booked full. Called the KOA in Kent and luckily they had room for us.
They added the extra days to the reservation we already had. I was ready to head back to Phoenix but the pills state no driving. So we will bide our time until all is well.

Went to the Chinese accupuncturist. I have never been to one before so should be interesting. She used many needles on both sides of my body.
There were 5 on the lower legs near the ankles and 5 on the arms. Then two on the neck where the pain is most prevelant. It seemed to make a difference, I could at least turn my head and lay flat. Time will tell.

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25 August, Monday

Another restless night, slept in the chair instead of the bed. Worked fairly well on keeping the pain down in the neck. The medicine did not seem to be working. Barbara talked with manager of RV Park and they had similar pain before and went to an accupunctor. So we decided to try that.
Could not get in until Tuesday evening.

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24 August, Sunday

Had a extremely restless night with lots of neck pain. Hurt like my past kidney stone did. Went to the Urgent Care Sunday morning and they confirmed it was muscle spasms and knots. Got the prescription and went back to the coach to rest and get well. Barbara went to visit with our past baby sitter and have lunch. Afternoon was filled trying to move, did get some sleep, but getting out of bed was a real struggle. Everytime I moved it hurt badly.

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23 August, Saturday

Time to leave Enumclaw and head to Issaquah, our old stomping grounds. But first we took a drive to Puyallup to visit friends and their new grand daughter. It was a 'sip and see' party to show the local friends the new baby.
Back to the coach and up the back roads to our new digs. These roads were just two lane roads when we left with few houses or businesses. Now they are 4 lane with housing developments and shopping centers. Progress certainly changes things.
Settled into our new site at the Issaquah Village RV Park. We have stayed here once before, many years ago. It is filled with over nighters and full timers.

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21 August, Thursday

Heavy overcast this morning and very cool, 54 outside. Supposed to clear by noon or so. Today is the RNPA picnic. They have 119 people signed up to attend at a special farm/catering place in Enumclaw. Decided to wear long pants and a jacket at least until the sun comes out. They are using a new caterer this year and they were great, pulled pork, ribs and chicken along with some great beans and corn bread. Bar was open with wine and beer.
I was able to meet up with several of the pilots I used to fly with along with many of the flight attendants. Great time was had by all.

I was also able to make contact with a DTV/Satellite vendor that can look at my system and get it going. Much better than installing a new system.
Will do that next week up at Marysville.

Today is also the first day of the Enumclaw Pro Rodeo. This is an age old event held on the same properties that we are camping on, Expo Center.
It was local but the cowboys and cowgirls were giving their all. They also had junior and novic events for those kids aspiring to be rodeo stars.
One of the junior bull riders was only 10.

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19 August, Tuesday

Left Prosser at 0900 and headed towards Yakima and then over the Chinook Pass to Enumclaw. Along the road to Yakima were hundreds of orchards and vineyards. Lots of semis with boxes of the largest apple crop in some time. We stopped at Natches at a fruit market and loaded up on fresh stock.

Then off the main highway and onto 410, the back way around the North side of Mt Rainier to Enumclaw. This is one of the most beautiful roads in America. Remote (closed in the winter) with rushing streams along side and very few pull outs. Visons of glacier capped Mt Rainier occur every so often.
The leave have not yet started to change, but when they do this road would rival any in New England. Once over the pass of 3900 feet we descended and passed the entrance to Crystal Ski area. Used to go there when we lived in Seattle.

On into Enumclaw and the Expo Center. This is actually the County Fair Grounds. It has 28 sites, all level and paved, very nice. Our RNPA picnic will be not far from here on Thur.

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18 August, Monday

Great night, cooled off from 100 to 62 and made for great sleeping with the windows open. Headed into Richland for some supplies and then back to Prosser and the Chukar Cherry store. These are dried cherries coated in various kinds of chocolate. AWESOME> Also other products made from cherries, all grown here in the valley.
From Yakima to Prosser both sides of the river are abounding with vineyards. In the 60 mile distance there must be over 100 wineries. All have sampling rooms and most cost $5 for the tastings.

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17 August, Sunday

Up early as we have a 5 hour drive to our next stop. We headed North out of Redmond towards Washington and the crossing point at Biggs Junction.
Filled wityh full in Oregon, cheaper, and then on to Prosser, WA. Campground was called WINE COUNTRY RV, and it was right in the middle of many wineries. The sampling rooms are walking distance from the park.
We had contacted my niece on the way up and they were able to meet us at the RV Park. Had a good time catching up on all the family doings.

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16 August, Saturday

Last day of the Rally, but we are taking a break. There is a Classic Car show and an Arts and Crafts show on the main street of Redmond. There are nearly 200 cars of all descriptions. Most were totally restored and looked great. The Arts part was all women's jewelery and things. Not of much interest to us men.

Went back to the Rally for one last walk thru and then to a recommended Mexican resturant, Diego's. It was well worth the visit. Great food, friendly staff and good drinks.

Once back to the coach things were put away in anticipatin of leaving the next morning.

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15 August, Friday

Off this morning to a seminar on how to clean the coach while parked in a campground without using the hose. Weird, but according to the lecture it works. This will be very handy next summer as we will be parked for over 3 months in one campground. Yeh, we already have reservations from June 15 until Sept 30 at Golden Shores, Long Beach. Sure will save on the fuel costs.

Had the batteries checked today and there were a couple dead cells in two of the house batteries. SO, had two new ones installed. They were 3 years old and nearing their lifetime anyway. Now we are set for another 3-4 years.

Visited all the booths again, met up with friends from the Phoenix area and just did the RALLY thing.

For the first time it did not rain or even look like rain. Was able to be outside for happy hour and dinner. Hopefully this will last on Saturday also.

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14 August, Thursday

Cool night, down to 54 and rained most the night. All these motor homes are parked on fields of grass. So far the soil seems to be absorbing the rain with out making mud. Don't know how long that will last. Would be a mess should 1400 coaches get stuck. LOL

Today the display booths with all the goodies open. Headed that way about 930 to avoid the opening rush. Not nearly as many as in the past, a sign of the times and economy. Had some good prices on some items, and some new interesting items. Went thru several coaches all of which are not built with the same quality as my 10 year old coach. The prices are much higher also. Who ever designs the coach has probably never used one. Some of the ideas are good but the execution of them are terrible.

Had planned on happy hour outside but the rain gods again moved into the area and inside was the option. Same with dinner. We did BBQ the elk on the grill under the awning.

Weather forcast for tomorrow is better, but you know weathermen. Time will tell.

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13 August, Wednesday

Beautiful morning, clear skies, sweet smelling air. Nice to have a rain once in awhile. Had to run to the Post Office to mail more license frames and then be at the service area by noon. I needed some repair work on my bedroom awning, motor won't work. Got signed up, Andre' was there. He is the person that installed all my Girards 7 years ago.

Had a pleasant surprise, friends from our lake stopped by. They have been at a resort nearby and knew we were in Redmond. It was good to get caught up with the events.

Afternoon brought the awning repair man and a fix to my problem. Nice to have a working awning again.

Then the skies darkened again which put a damper to our evening cook out. Had happy hour in a coach and went into Redmond for some Japanese dinner.

Hopefully the weather will clear and the rest of the week will be nice.

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12 August, Tuesday

All three of us are up early and ready to leave for Redmond and the FMCA show. Parking starts at 0800 so we are leaving Prineville at 730, should get us their at the right time. Since we will have to disconnect upon arrival we decided to not tow the cars there. It is only 17 miles. Upon arrival at the staging area several coachs were lined up, all in the process of disconnecting. Since we were already disconnected they took our three coaches right to the parking site. What a great site, very close to the main gate and only 6 coaches from the end.

Weather was mixed. Started happy hour outside and had to move inside because of wind, rain and cold weather. Certainly not what we expected, usually is over 100 this time of year.

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11 August, Monday

Had some rain last night but only enough to get the car spotty. Left the Sisters Garden RV park and headed into Sisters and Les Schwab tire store for a pressure check of all tires on the coach. My warning system was activating often. They checked and added air to the tires and all is OK. Then headed to Prineville, OR where we will meet up with our friends going to the Rally. Camp site was available and we got set up. Others arrived shortly after we did.

Spent time in the coach (95 outside) getting caught up on what was happening with each other. BBQ'd some chicken and had a easy dinner in the coach.
Had planned to eat outside, but here it really did rain, actually poured. Plans were made of departure on Tuesday for the Rally. All the paperwork was located and placed approiately on the windshield. Tomorrow: FMCA RALLY, REDMOND.

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Garden RV Park Pig Roast

This is the 127 pound pig, named Lucille, that was prepared for the guests of the RV park. Pulled Pork along with all the condiments were warmly received by the eaters. Live music was also provided.


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