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6 October, Monday

Well we are home, made it to Sun City on Oct 4 easily. Weather was clear but gettin warmer with each mile. It was a good time to leave Las Vegas as they expected over 100,000 bikers for the weekend.
Coach is all unloaded and put to rest in the garage. Will work on getting the rear bumper fixed next week. It need a wash job and again, will do that next week. Have lots of re-organizing to do in the house. Patio is not finished but working to get it done. Need to have in time for the Mexico group party on Nov 5.
Next big trip is a bus tour thru the Mexican Copper Canyon leaving Nov 6. Have 34 people going, a good group, should be lots of fun.

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3 October, Thursday

Spent the night at the North Las Vegas Freightliner facility, parked outside the gate. What a busy place, trucks coming and going all night long. And then the train on the other side of the road ran nearly every hour. But a beautiful morning and I was at the Service Office at 8 when the RV section opened.
Paperwork completed, we left the coach in their hands and headed for breakfast and then the strip to see how it had changed.

Lots of new building, hundreds of people for a Friday morning at 1030. I would have thought they would still be sleeping or something. Stopped and walked thru Fremont Street. This is OLD VEGAS and Fremont Street has been closed to vehicles and covered with lights. There is also a ZipLine that goes the two block distance. Beer and other libations are legal on the street and you have the option of several different cups or containers. One of them holds 45 ounces of what ever.

Checked with the Freightliner desk at 1:30 and said the coach was on a test run, stop by in an hour and they will be done. Headed that direction and pulled up at 2:15. Seems one of the heater hoses had broke thru and the other was ready to. BOY were we lucky to have that happen in a town instead of on the highway. They replaced the hoses, refilled the unit with antifreeze (12 gallons) and we were ready to go.

Too late to head for home so we found an RV Park and stayed the night. This weekend is a good time NOT to be in Vegas. They are expecting over 100,000 bikers. We saw one parking lot, city block size, fill with bikes. Understand they plan a parade on one of the days. We will be long gone when that happens.

Home Bound so the entries will be less frequent. Have an interesting trip approaching thru the Mexico Copper Canyon.

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2 October, Wednesday

Well what a day! ! ! Left the KOA in Ely, NV and headed South on US 93. This road is actually more deserted than US 50 was. Saw only 3 cars in 80 miles.
There were ranches in the distance from the road about every 10-15 miles. Hard living I would suspect. Went by the town of Pioche and all stores were boarded. Another 30 miles and we came to Caliente. The road comes in from the North and exits to the West. As we turned the corner at the City Square my engine warning light (amber) started to flash, then came on steady, then the engine stop (red) light came on. As luck would have it, there were large parking lanes along the side of the road and a place to pull the rig over in front of the Senior Center. The sequence of lights told me the radiator reservoir was low. So I got water and proceeded to pour some in. Little did I know as I was putting it in the rear it was coming out the front. I discovered that after I had added 5 gallons. So the problem was bigger than just a low tank. I ask the local person for a mechanic and contacted him. He does not do service calls. So I called my trusty GOOD SAM service. They ask about local, I told them there was none. SO they said they would tow me to the nearest repair facility, which happened to be North Las Vegas, some 130 miles down the road. I was told the tow truck would take some 3 hours from LV to reach us and then the tow back.

Luckily we still had the generator, DTV, AC and plenty of food. Suddenly, after only 2 + hours our ride was there. He was not going to tow but to put us on the flat bed of the truck. It was interesting to watch what that trailer did to accomadate our rig. Once loaded and tied down we were off for the Freightliner repair shop in North Las Vegas. We followed and were surprise as how the rig rode on the the truck. Erick was a great driver taking great care of his load, our rig, on the curvy roads. We made it to the repair shop in 2+30 hours. It was dark and the service desk closed. He unloaded the rig by the main gate and we camped in it for the night.

Once they get to it the repair should be easy, probably a hose. Time will tell.

More of the saga tomorrow.

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1 October, Wednesday

39 this morning, winter is on its way. Left Dayton at 0930 after fueling up for the trip. We are taking the LONELIEST ROAD across Nevada. Leaving
Dayton, Highway 50 goes for over 300 miles to Salt Lake City, across central Nevada. There are a few towns, actually wide spots on the road and very
few cars and trucks. The route is beautiful, rolling hills and mountains. We crossed about 6 summits all over 7,000 feet. Never saw an animal and only a dozen or less cars. Probably others doing the route. There are designated places to stop and get your 'passport' stamped to prove you survived the crossing. We did not do that, didn't need the T-shirt.

Upon arriving at Ely, we turned south for a couple miles and camped for the night at the KOA.

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30 September, Tuesday

Car all repacked with the large items and we are ready to leave the Expo Park in Sacramento and head to Dayton. We are taking the back-back road over the mountains. The main road, I-80, and the second most traveled #50 are good roads. But we decided to take 88. It was one of the most beautiful routes we have ever driven. It winds its way from 718 feet up to 8572 at the pass. Along the route we passed the Kit Carson Resort, owned by one of our neighbors from AZ. We did not have the time to stop. The leaves were starting to turn and there was snow at the higher elevations.

Reaching Dayton we met up with friends and parked on the hangar pad. Dinner and discussions was the plan of the day.

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29 September, Monday

WHEW! The convention is over and it was a great success. We had 129 attendees from all over the USA. Great food was offered by the Grand Sheraton Hotel. The tour of the Empire Mine was educational and interesting as well as the brief visit to Nevada City. More time is definitely needed at both those places. At the General Meeting of the members I was again elected as President for two years. I enjoy the position and the work envolved.
At the Banquet the sholarship winner from last year (my daughter Elizabeth) captured the crowd and won their hearts with her "thankyou" speech.

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22 September, Monday

One day closer to home and at the main reason for stopping at Sacramento. Drove from Red Bluff, only 2+20 hours on busy I-5. Took the Business 80 thru the downtown area and out to the EXPOSITION PARK. This is actually the State Fair Grounds, but used for much more. They have an RV Park connected that holds some 200 RV's. Sparse surroundings, no trees but easy access to the roads downtown. We will be in the coach only a day and thend check into the Grand Sheraton Hotel in the middle of town. Our Convention starts on the 26th. Should be an interesting time as we will be discussing the decline of attendance and membership. Actually the future of the organization.

There may not be many entries during this time, depending on the work schedule.

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21 September, Sunday

Great night at the Gold Hill KOA, no trains, no freeway noise, no airplanes. Unusual for campgrounds. Short trip again today to Red Bluff. We are basically killing time getting to Sacramento. Only 3 hour drive to the Red Bluff RV Park. Again no trains, no planes and no freeway noise. Drove around the city some looking at the Victorian houses. Some are in great shape others not so good. Seems most of the houses have become businesses, probably because of upkeep cost.

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20 September, Saturday

Leaving Harrisburg, finally and just in time to avoid the dust and noise from the Harvest Festival. They are having a Tractor Pull in the field next to our campsite. That plus a beer garden and live music will make for a noisy day and night.

Left the coach in Coburg and drove to the Saturday Market in Eugene. Not as big as Portlands, but very good. Lots of jewelry for the ladies and musicians playing on the corners. Only a few food stands.

Left the Coburg area and headed South towards Medford. Decided to stay just shy of there at Gold Hill. Nice KOA in the trees and quiet, no freeway noise, no railroads and no airports. UNIQUE.

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19 September, Friday

YEAH ! ! ! The front of the coach is in show room condition. It took a few days to take the old 3M coating off, take off the adheavsive, touch up the very few paint spots ands then apply the new coating. Dennis worked us into his very busy schedule and finished as promised. He even charged less than his original estimate, which was half of another estimate I had. Now to get the rear bumper fixed in Phoenix.

Saturday we will stay in the Eugene area but away from the RV Park in Harrisburg. There is a Harvest Festival taking place in the fields next door. The main event is tractor pulls. They will also have live bands, beer tents and other activies both Saturday and Sunday. The dust will be blowing our way as will the noise from the tractors and bands. Good time to leave.

Will probably stay in the Coburg area, two campgrounds. Plan to visit the Saturday Market in Eugene.

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16 September, Tuesday

Explored more of Salem and met with friends on Monday. Smoke was worse, really made your eyes water.

Headed to Junction City, only 40 miles, and Les Schwab Tire Store. My SmartTire system has been acting up. Tires and pressure are good but the warnings are going off. They installed the system and can adjust the monitors by remote thru the tire. Once the technican was available it only took a few minutes to correct the problem. While having this done I was conversing with the manager about my 3M covering on the front of the coach. This is a plastic coating that protects the paint from rocks and road debris. He said the person that installed all the coverings at Country Coach was now on his own and doing that in Harrisburg. After making contact, and he assessed the situation I agreed to have him remove and install a new covering.

SO we are now at the RiverBend RV Park in Harrisburg where he will do his work. This should take about 3 days or so. Will be good to have a good looking coach again.

As it turned out, I-5 at the Oregon boarder is closed because of the forest fire in WEED. It nearly destroyed the entire town, burned over 100 homes and stores. Hopefully this will be under control by the time we are ready to leave.

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14 September, Sunday

Left Jantzen beach and headed to Salem, home of Willamette University and our granddaughters school. Got set up and met up with her mid afternoon. Got to see the beautiful campus, oldest in the Western states. Salem was dominated by smoke from a forest fire up near Mt Hood, made your eyes water. All her courses are doing well and no major has been declared as yet. Salem, the weather and college are quite a change for a girl from Juneau.

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13 September, Saturday

Another beautiful day the the Pacific Northwest. Portland is forcast to hit 90 or more. Actually they enitire area is really hurting for rain. Never thought I would see or say that. Even the lawns in Portland are brown, very unusual.

Today is the Portland Saturday Market., a must if you are visiting Portland on the weekend. It has been in operation under the Burnside Bridge for many years. It is such an even the city has even built permanent shelters for their booth. There are over 100 vendors selling nearly everything you can think of. Women's jewelry is the most dominate, but many other items are available. There are also nearly 40 food vendors selling appetizing foods from a dozen countries plus the U.S. Shaded tables are provided so you can leisurely enjoy your food. Even the local brewries and wineries have sampling and selling booths.

We were able to pick some Christmas gifts that are unique. Great food and KETTLE KORN, a favorite.

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10 September, Tuesday

Headed south of Portland to the town of Sherwood. Met up with neighbors and friends from Sun City and departed for Mt Angel and the home of the local Octoberfest this weekend. Had lunch in very good German resturant and then headed out to wine country. In the local area of Dundee there are over 20 wineries, all offering samples and of course selling their stock. Settings were beautiful and the wine was tasty.

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9 September, Tuesday

Cloudy and overcast this morning but forcast to be in the 80's. We are camping on Hayden Island, just west of the Portland International Airport.
We were treated to the Oregon Air National Guard fighters taking off about 7:30 in the morning. They must be have some sorties and practice drills. LOTS of noise, but probably not as much as the new F-35 coming to Phoenix.

Sun broke out early and we opted to wash the coach. Most campgrounds will not let you wash anything except the bugs off the front. This is a real treat. The water in Portland is extremely soft, not like Phoenix, so wiping it down after the wash was easy. Cleaned the windows in and out and now we are ready to travel again.

Went out to dinner with friends. It was a real Southern place called the Screen Door. They open at 5:30 and there is a line waiting to get in. They have the best chicken, pork shoulder, cat fish and grits. Also on the menu is collard greens and corn bread and other southern greats.

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