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25 March, Saturday

KADAR, CROATIA. This is one of two Croatian villages we visit on this portion of the trip Zadar is over 3,000 years in existance with rullers from many countries. It originally had a moat between the mainland and the city center, helping to controal attackers. It was heavily damaged during the war for freedom in 1992-94, but has been completely rebuilt and restored. As a result there are some modern building, however for the original city center all the buildings were restored to original design.

The area is known for farming of olive trees, plum trees and marachino cherry trees. As explained by our guide, most people try to grow as much as they can for self use. We did see a grocery store in town, very rare. Most of the stores are very small and very limited with their product.

Food was scarce in the early days, our guide said a meal might consist of a pigs udder, roasted. And if you were expecting something better for desert you would see a dormouse. They stuff the dormouse with seseame seeds and roast it in honey. All local grown or trapped. YUCK.

Our tour was to the HINTERLANDS or outlying areas. The village of Navigard and the farm were the two stops we made. Navigard is a beautiful village on the side of a hill and on the bay of the Adriatic Sea. Photos of both follow.

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Zadar (1)

Mountains to the North of Zadar as we start out trip to the hinterlands to tour.



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Zadar (2)

Village of NOVIGARD as we drive down the hill to the water front. Small classic village along the coast of Croatia. This bay is at the end of the inlet with the Adriatic Sea far to the West.


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Zadar (3)

Street from the water to the home we will visit. It was a typical home, now turned into a museum with relics from the past. Life was hard for the early Coatians.


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Zadar (4)

Typical kitchen of the era. Open fire for cooking and heating. Food was scarce. Bread from the bakery was limited to one slice per person per day.


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Zadar (5)

Bedroom of the house with the typical items for those days.


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Zadar (6)

Local boys singing for us in the old church.


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Zadar (7)

Limestone cannon balls, some weighing 400 pounds. These are in the area that once was a church and now a museum.


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adar (8)

Main street houses as we leave Novigard.


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Zadar (9)

The welcome at the farm. Home made brandy in several flavors, home made olive oil and bread, home made sausages. Held out side because the weather was so wonderful.


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Zadar (10)

The lunched provided, all grown or made at the Nadiam farm.


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Zadar (11)

The wine storage in our eating room. Made from roof tiles embedded tio the wall.


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Zadar (12)

Parliment House.


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Zadar (13)

The SOLAR CIRCLE absorbs sun durilng the day and puts on a colorful show during the evening and at night. The SEA ORGAN steps are to the right. All this is next to our ship.


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Zadar (14)

The SEA ORGAN steps. There are tubes and pipes and holes built into the steps so that when the water and wind move around them they make chords of music. The rougher the water the more dynamic the sound.


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