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Venice (4)

As we are sailing into the Port of Venice, the DOGE palace and St Marks Square.


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Venice (5)

Two gondolas and a gondolier on one of the small canals of the main walkway.



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Venice (6)

This is the prison connected to the DOGE by the bridge of SIGHS. The walls are 1 meter thick, the metal bars are over 2 inches.


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Venice (7)

The Bridge of SIGHS. This is the bridge between the Court in the DOGE and the Prison. The only bridge elevated above the walks.


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Venice (8)

Palace of the DOGE or ruler of Venice and once all Europe. This sits on St Marks Square and the Grand Canal.


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Venice (9)

Some of the Gondolas waiting for customers. There are 399 men and 1 woman qualified as a gondolier. The are all black so as not to discriminate because of wealth.


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Venice (10)

St Marks Bell Tower and Square.


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Venice (11)

St Marks Cathedral as seen from the Square or Plaza in front. All made from marble of several countries. There are over a million pilings driven into the mud to hold the structure.


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Venice (12)

The ceiling of St Marks Cathedral coverd with gold tile mosaic and murals.


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Venice (13)

One of the many sandwich shops along the narrow streets.


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Venice (14)

MURANO glass is famous world wide. This is but one of many stores selling pieces.


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Venice (15)

Another Murano store with larger pieces


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Venice (16)

One of the hundreds of small canals filled with boat traffic.


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Venice (17)

Looking down from the top of the Rialto Bridge at the many boats and gondola tied up along the canal. Also the walkway is filled with cafes.


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Venice (18)

The Rialto Bridge over one of the canals. The center of the crossing has stores and steps. It is one of the higher bridges in Venice and most well known.


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