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Athens (8)

Roman music hall built in the 12th century. The main wall is original, the seats have been replaced with marble. It will hold 15,000 people and is in use today for concerts.


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Athens (9)

Greater Athens as seen from the Acropolis


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Athens (10)

The harbor of Piraeus as seen from the Acropolis.


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Athens (11)

Temple of ATHENA on the Acropolis.


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Athens (12)

One of the many shopping streets in PLAKA, the original area of Athens.


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Athens (13)

One side of my hat with the pins I collect. There are 23 pins on the hat, one or more from each city we visited on the cruise.


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Athens (14)

Other side of my hat.


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30 March, Thursday

Here we are in one of the most picturesque places in the world, the Island of Santorini in the Greek Isles. It was formed by an eruption of a large volcano that devasted the area several thousand years ago. The rim of the volcano was settled in the B.C. era and it was alway primative.
In 1956 there was a major earthquake that demolished most of the island. The Greek government and the U.N. helped to rebuild the area and it has blossomed into a major resort area. The top of the cliff is 1300 feet above the sea lever. Ships are unable to dock and have to anchor in the bay whild tenders transport the passengers to shore. There is a commerical dock area where busses can reach for tours. The other way to the top is via a walking path with hundreds of steps, or you can ride a donkey up the same path, or you can take the gondola up. Most of the homes on the sides of the caldera are actuall caves into the mountain. Only the front door or entrance is visible to the public. There are no roads in this area and all building supplies as well as household items have to be transported by donkey.

The Island is mainly Greek Orthodox and their domes painted a brillant blue. All the houses are decreed by law to be white. However there are those that rebel and use other colors. From a distance it looks like snow on the ridges.

It was raining the day we docked making pictures difficult. However by mid day it was starting to clear and the beauty really became apparent.

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Santorini (1)

Photo of the island layout of Santorini, showing how it was formed from the eruption of a massive volcano.


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Santorini (2)

House on top of the hill as we start our bus ride from harbor to the ridge.


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Santorini (3)

North side of the island with farm lands and gentle slopes. Black sand beaches.


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Santorini (4)

Shop selling sesame coated peanuts (YUM) and pistachios.


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Santorini (5)

One of the many Greek Orthodox churches. They all have a blue dome.


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Santorini (6)

View from the top down to the bottom or the water level.


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Santorini (7)

Postcard showing the houses on the edge of the Caldera or rim of the volcano. It was a rainy day so this was the best shot.


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