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Santorini (8)

A post card showing the path for walking and the donkies from the top of the rim to the waterfront.


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Santorini (9)

One of the many shopping streets in Oia.


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Santorini (10)

One of the fancy villas on the top of the hill.


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Santorini (11)

Houses on the side of the the hill. Many of the houses are only fronts, the actual house is carved into the mountain.


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Santorini (12)

Some of the many houses built on the edge of the caldera or volcanic side.


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Santorini (13)

Tram and pathway for both the donkies and the walkers. Needless to say, you have to watch your step while traversing the pathway.


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Santorini (14)

Donkies waiting to go down the trail.


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Santorini (15)

Loading the gondolas. It is a funicular system, that is when six go down the other six have to come up. They are on one cable.


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Santorini (16)

One of the Tenders used to transport passengers from ship to shore.


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Santorini (17)

Donkey waiting to be riden to the top and the gondola in the back ground.


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Santorini (18)

Over view of the walk/donkey path from the top to bottom. Also you can see the stantions for the gondola cars.


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Santorini (19)

Capt saying Good-Bye to all the passengers at the Farewell dinner.


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30 March, Thursday

Well I guess TravellersPoint monitors the photos. The one of Hermes did not get published, I suspect it was because of a nude statue, some 3,000 years old. SO if you want to see the perfect Greek Man you will have to google HERMES at the Olympia Museum.


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29 March, Wednesday

Dock at Katakolon, port for the Olympia area. Neat little town but only survives on cruise ships and tourists. Shops are closed when no ship in port. During the season over 350 cruise ships will stop here.

It was a 30 minute ride from the ship to the OLYMPIA, home of the PAN-HELENIC games. The first documented game was 776BC when the winners name was engraved on a pillar. It had been in operation for several years before that. It would only happen every 4 years. The games were a way for the Greeks to make sure their warriors were in the best condition. They would call off the wars and crusades for 4 months so the men could partake in the games. All the competition was done with out clothes, I.e. NAKED, They thought this would give the men speed in their races. Precompetition would eliminate the weaker men. Only the best could vie for victory

The stadium was huge, holding over 50,000 people to cheer their man on to victory. Races would vary in length, with a turn a round at the other end. Not an oval track as in todays races.

Sometimes competitors would not follow the rules of the games. If caught they were made an example of by placing them on the line of Cheaters, complete with statue, name and family name.

The Stadium race track was 192 meters, 22 centimeters. This was determined by the ruler walking heal-to-toe for 600 steps. He had large feet which gave the long length.

There was also a marathon that was about 26 miles, give or take. It was not until the London Olympics when the Queen wanted the marathon to start and end infront of her viewing stand. It turned out it was 26.2 miles, thus that is the current marathon length.

The flame is lit for EVERY GAME here in Greece. The sun, along with mirrors create heat and light the torch. It is then carried to the nation hosting the games.

This was a fantastic tour of the area. Our guide was Dutch, married to a Greek. She knew all there was to know. It was a great experience.

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Olympia (2) {no #1}

The guide map to the Olympia area.


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