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Olympia (3)

Part of the gymnasium only excavated 20 years ago. Plans to unveil the entire area are in the works.


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Olympia (4)

Pillars around the wrestling training area.


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Olympia (5)

The remains of the Baths, next to the wrestling area.


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Olympia (6)

Pillar that held the statue of NIKE. All the metal statues were melted down for coins or stolen and not recovered.


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Olympia (7)

Area where the Olympic Torch is lit for every set of Olympic Games. Mirrors to reflect the sun into a dish and create heat and fire lights the torch. It is then carried to the country holding the games.


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Olympia (8)

Foundation of a house that was there before the building of Olympia, making it over 3000 years old.


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Olympia (9)

Bases of the statues for cheaters and the main gate to the Stadium.


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Olympia (10)

Artist rendention of the LINE OF CHEATERS, not druggies but they did not follow the rules. Their name and family was on the pillar and they were banned for life from the games.


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Olympia (11)

Starting line, race area and side stands in Stadium over 50,000 people would be present for the event. Runners would go once down or down and back or many variations. Did not run in an oval as they do today.


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Olympia (12)

Actual starting line for the races in the Stadium. Runners would put their toes in the grooves for starting traction.


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Olympia (13)

Pillars from the temple of HERA reconstructed on site. This was a temple for women who had their separate events.


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Olympia (14)

Marble statue of HERMES, (the perfect Greek Male) buried in the Olympia site for over 2000 years, sculptured many years before the statue of David.


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Olympia (15)

Wisteria in full bloom as we exit the Olympia area.


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Olympia (16)

An Olympic Torch carrier from 1976. He owns a jewelry store in Katakolon. Has a hat collection of over 600 hats.


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Olympia (17)

Beautiful site of sister ships in Port: Viking Star on Left : Viking Sea on Right


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