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Olympia (18)

Harbor at KATAKOLON, Greece, access to Olympia area


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28 March, Tuesday

THis is our second stop in Corfu, Greece. We opted to take no tours, just to walk around the village. We did have a tour of the ships Bridge scheduled for the afternoon. After the Bridge tour there were dancers on board from Corfu and then we did TEA. Some 40 varieties of tea along with mini sandwiches and scones. A very relaxing day.

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Bridge (1)

THis is our second stop in CORFU with a big change in the foilage and blossoms.


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Bridge (2)

Testing the Tender of the ship. It will be used in the next couple days to visit an island.


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Bridge (3)

The Master Helm Panel. It is about 16 feet wide.


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Bridge (4)

Master Helm Station. Radar, Ships functions, GPS on the large screens. Levers and toggel switches on flat portion for engines, propellers, side thrusters. Each system has at least 4 back up systems.



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Bridge (5)

This is the ships wheel or the way to turn the boat. It has been protected by a wood case so you can not bump it easily. Somewhat smaller than a cars steering wheel or especially a sailboat wheel.


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Bridge (6)

Flag storage of all the nations the ship visits.


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Bridge (7)

Walkway in front of the Helm station.


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Bridge (8)

The Side Station, one on each side of the ship. It has the same controls as the master helm. This is used for docking mainly.


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Bridge (9)

View of the ship from the Side Wing. There is also a window looking straight down.



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Bridge (10)

In the Captains and First Mates chairs. Much more room than the 747.


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Bridge (11)

Evidence of a steady coarse, a straight line.


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Bridge (12)

Afternoon Tea in the Atrium after the Bridge tour.


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27 March, Monday

Awake, up and getting ready for out excursion of Kotor, Montenegro when we hear the Captain on the PA system. He is explaining that we will not be making port there because of high winds. They are currently blowing 30 - 40 knots and expected to go higher during the day. He determined it would not be safe for this ship to try to dock as the port is in the main stream of the wind. SO he did a 180 and headed back out to sea. This gave us an unexpected SEA DAY. Always welcome to relax and visit other parts of the ship we had not seen.

We will cruise slower and arrive in CORFU on schedule Tuesday morning. The Cruise Director had a full day of activities planned within minutes. Paper schedules with lectures, dance lessons, game playing and other activities were deliverd to our rooms.

Once out to sea several miles the winds subsided and the waves or swells were tolerable. The ship had to use both stablizers in the fiord going to Kotor.

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