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Kitchen (1)

This was our proposed stop: KOTOR, MONTENEGRO. Unfortunetly it did not happen.


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Kitchen (1)

This was our proposed stop: KOTOR, MONTENEGRO. Unfortunetly it did not happen.


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Kitchen (2)

NOT KITCHEN. We had go make a medical stop at BAR, MONTENEGRO for a passenger with A-FIB problems. They would have taken him off at KOTOR but we did not stop there.


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Kitchen (3)

They are cooking pasta for lunch on the aft deck of the ship. They do special meals or deserts on this deck almost daily.


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Kitchen (4)

This Klaydon, our guide for the kitchen tour. He is from India. Following pictures show areas of the kitchen. Each section specializes in main course, salads, breads, deserts and extras.


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Kitchen (5)

Part of the kitchen


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Kitchen (6)

Part of the kitchen


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Kitchen (7)

Part of the kitchen


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Kitchen (8)

Part of the kitchen area


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Kitchen (9)

Dishwasher area for dishes on the entire ship. As you can imagine it is busy ALL the time.


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Kitchen (10)

All bread and rolls are baked daily on board.


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Kitchen (11)

Wine and beer locker. All wine and beer are complimentry during lunch and dinner. You can upgrade wines or order mixed drinks from several bars. You can also bring your own wine on board, no corkage fee.


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Kitchen (12)

Here the are starting to sear the lamb chops for the evening meal. All meat portions are in 3 oz sized.


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26 March, Sunday

Dubrovnik again. BUT this time we are doing something unique. We are taking a but tour to BOSNIA, specifically MOSTAR. This will give us a chance to see another country, another culture and the famous bridge. The tour is scheduled to be 11+30 hours and we are only in port vor 13 hours, so it fills the entire day.

We left by bus driving up the coastal road, which has not a single straight portion. It winds along the Adriatic Sea. The coast of Croatia is 350 miles long direct distance BUT over 4000 miles of coast line. Croatia has over 1200 islands with many uninhabited, some are even prohibited to visit.
The Adriatic Sea is the most pure and pristine sea of the world, consequently the derived salt is totally pure. Salt was a neccessary item in the early days. It was used to preserve the fish and meat from the Roman Empire to date.

As we drive to Bosnia we have to cross the CROATIAN & BOSNIA boarder twice. This is because when TITO devided up Yugoslavia he wanted each state to have access to the Adriatic. As a result Bosnia was given a 6 mile portion of coast line. So drivng we entered Bosnia, then Croatia again and then Bosnia for the last leg to MOSTAR. Crossing the board can be frustrating at times. Sometimes it is easy and sometimes you have to go thru strict security. We were lucky, all we had to do is have our passports stamped.

The waterfront portion (town of NEUM) of Bosnia is FULLY developed. Many houses, hotels, resorts and stores. Bosnia is not a EU member and has it own money system, however they take all money easily and give the proper change. Prices were reasonable in the village and later in Mostar.

Leaving Neum we shortly came to the second boarder crossing and entered BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA. From here is was still an hour to the town of MOSTAR. We had left the ship at 08:15 and it was now noon, so lunch was in order. It was at a very nice cafe with a sampling of meats and cheese along with wine or beer. The desert cookie as a shortbread soaked in honey, rich, sweet, but GOOD.

From lunch we walk to a typical Turkish home, (pictures inserted). You could tell they had money for the day because of the location and the size of the home.

Most of Bosnia is MOSLEM, second religion is Catholic. In the western part the it is about 50/50, but the further East you go the more Moslem it becomes. There have been many mixed marriages before the war between religions but now that is discouraged. Women now are paid to wear the birka or headscarf so as to show they are Moslem. During the war of freedom over 200,000 were killed and many structures destroyed.
Currently the unemployment rate is 40% and most of the youth want to leave the country. They can travel to other Moslem countries but not to the Western countries.

The original Mostar Bridge was on the UNESCO Hertitage list. It was bombed during the war but has been rebuilt to the exactness and was reopened in 2004. (pictures inserted)

This was a long but very interesting tour. We were not as tired at the end as we had suspected we would be.

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Bosnia (1)

One of the boarder crossing terminals.


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