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Bosnia (2)

The town of NEUM in Bosnia along the coast of the Adriatic Sea. The Bosnian coast line is only 6 miles long.


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Bosnia (3)

One of the many Roman Empire remains alone the coast of the Adriatic Sea.


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Bosnia (4)

One of the MANY building that were bombed out during the Bosnian war for independence.


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Bosnia (5)

Entry courtyard to a Turkish home in Mostar. Kitchen in separate room to the left, water closet in separate room to the right, main living area straight ahead.


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Bosnia (6)

Close up of the rocks on the floor of the courtyard.


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Bosnia (7)

Kitchen, in a separte room away from the main house. This is for heat and possible fire so the house can be safer.


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Bosnia (8)

Bedroom, on the first floor. The children slept on the floor of the house, only the parents had a bedroom.


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Bosnia (9)

Living room of the Turkish house. Several tables and small stools, windows of Turkish design. View of the river below.


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Bosnia (10)

Dress of the women as modeled by one of the tour group. The dress is actually a pantaloon with legs. The leg part is pulled high so the extra material looks like a dress.


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Bosnia (11)

Mosque and Minuete close to the bridge of Mostar


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Bosnia (12)

Inside the Mosque. Bosnia is predominately Moslem. Mostar is a mixture of Moslem and other religions.


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Bosnia (13)

One of the many shops in Old Town close to the Mostar Bridge. Most of the articles for sale have a Turkish influence.


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Bosnia (14)

Notice the roof of the building. It is made from slate, huge pieces, mostly 2-3 inches thick. This is done because the winds are very strong at time and they will not blow off.


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Bosnia (15)

MOSTAR Bridge as viewed from the Mosque. This bridge has been recognized as an design marvel, especiall for its day.



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Bosnia (16)

Surface of the Mostar Bridge. They would put gravel inbetween the raised portions so the animals pulling the carts to go over the bridge easier. The bridge was bombed out during the war and has been rebuilt as original.


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